Image Unfolder is an iOS app that makes new images from existing images.  The relatively simple process involves only mirroring, rotating, and cropping. We call it ``unfolding’’ because It is somewhat akin to unfolding a larger image to reveal a central image whose imprints are on the inside of the folds.

This "unfolding" process is recursive, meaning in this case that each resulting image is itself unfolded for almost as many generations as you want. You’ll be surprised by the  complexities that appear and disappear with each round. 

The two parameters you can change for each generation are 1) the selection square and 2) the rotation angle.  With each generation, the result is cropped back to the original size.

In Automatic Mode, the app shows one generation after another as they are created, using adjustable timing and cross fade. 

Optional Full Screen Mode creates a presentation suitable for projection or contemplation.


Besides being fascinating to watch, Image Unfolder is also a tool for artists and designers for discovering new compositions, textures, and patterns. The user begins by either selecting a starting image from the device’s photo library or creating a new one using the device’s camera. Alternatively, the app also provides a few methods for constructing images from scratch using color noise, text, patterns, or outlining. You also have complete control over color choices with the app’s sophisticated color picker.

Demonstration of Automatic and Fullscreen Modes

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